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BitAudit - Digital Audit, a global digital audit service provider.

It combines private placement advisory, asset chaining, financial auditing, STO financial advisory and other financial services. It is designed to assist companies and individuals to raise funds globally through STO. It is an investment banking firm in the digital securities industry.

The team members are from Peking University, Fordham University, and Chinese Academy of Sciences. They are composed of a group of financial management, legal and financial experts (CPA, CFA, Doctoral accountants, lawyers, Deloitte executives) and a group of computer geeks who are proficient in blockchain and cloud computing.

BitAudit is the first blockchain industry organization in the world to be accredited by the International Block Chain Tax Standards Association (IBATA). Headquartered in Hong Kong, BitAudit has offices in Beijing and New York to serve global growth companies.

BitAudit Team

Ding Yongqiang

BitAudit Founder&CEO

Blockchain Engineer(BE)

Secretary-General of IBATA

Vice President of China Accounting

Service Alliance

Master of Software Engineering

Peking University

James Chen Xin

Blockchain CPA


Chlyscapital Management


IBeeHub Founding Partner

Deloitte Senior Manager

Zhang Lelong

BlockChain Engineer(BE)

Master of Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Director of Shugen IoT Internet

Yongyou & Kingdee Software Architect

Yuanguang Software Architect

Partner & Client

Our branches

New York Beijing Hong Kong